Camp Quarantine:

The Digital Drag Comedy Competition!

You think you're funny, don't you?

Well, do ya?

Now is the time to put that to the test! 

My name is Annie Manildoo and I am here to announce a new online drag competition: Camp Quarantine!

Contestants from everywhere are welcome to register and compete for the title of campiest queen in America.

Each week, we will be challenging our contestants to tickle our funny bones by performing in various comedy based challenges that will test their wits, talent and creativity! 

Who is eligible? 
ANYBODY - So long as you're funny. We will be accepting all types of drag performers to compete, whether you're a drag queen, drag king, trans, cis, we don't care what's between your legs as long as you can make us laugh!

I will be the host of the competition and there will be a panel of judges (TBA) including some drag comedy legends that you won't wanna miss! The winners and losers of each week's challenge will be determined by a combination of the judge's critiques and audience vote! 

A Facebook page has been created, so go like and follow it for updates on what's new in the competition! 

Click here to go to the Facebook page!

What do you win?

First place will receive a prize package from all three of our sponsors, including a makeup care package from Chaotic Cosmetics and BatMe! Cosmetics and a case of Stoli Vodka worth approximately $375!

There will also be a chance to receive prizes from our sponsors as you win various challenges along the way!

Meet our sponsors!


Wanna register?

Use the form below or message Camp Quarantine / Annie Manildoo on any social media platform!


Thanks for submitting!

Tom Catt

Meet The Judges!

Cissy Walken
Sherry Vine
Jenive Johnson / Jasmine G. String
Ivy Stalls
Pissi Myles
K.J. Johansen / Joan Slivers
Bella Noche
Yuhua Hamasaki
Mia E'Zlay

More information will be announced shortly! Stay tuned!