Camp Quarantine:

The Digital Drag Comedy Competition!

You think you're funny, don't you?

Well, do ya?

Now is the time to put that to the test! 

My name is Annie Manildoo and I am here to announce a new online drag competition: Camp Quarantine!

Contestants from everywhere are welcome to register and compete for the title of campiest queen in America.

Each week, we will be challenging our contestants to tickle our funny bones by performing in various comedy based challenges that will test their wits, talent and creativity! 

Who is eligible? 
ANYBODY - So long as you're funny. We will be accepting all types of drag performers to compete, whether you're a drag queen, drag king, trans, cis, we don't care what's between your legs as long as you can make us laugh!

I will be the host of the competition and there will be a panel of judges (TBA) including some drag comedy legends that you won't wanna miss! The winners and losers of each week's challenge will be determined by a combination of the judge's critiques and audience vote! 

A Facebook page has been created, so go like and follow it for updates on what's new in the competition! 

Click here to go to the Facebook page!

OKAY, So we've listened to your concerns and made some changes to the competition!

Below you will find 7 challenges.

You can do one challenge, you can do all 7, we do not care. If you win a challenge, you will win a prize from one or more of our sponsors and be entered into our cast of 7 finalists!

The final round of the competition will be two more challenges that will remain a mystery. The first of the two final rounds will give us our top 4 competitors and the final challenge will determine the winner of the competition as a whole. You must register for the challenges in advanced, there will be room for up to 5 competitors for each challenge, so register early to save your spot! Registration must be done at least 2 weeks prior to the challenge happening. Use the contact form at the bottom of the challenge list to register or you can contact Annie Manildoo / Camp Quarantine on any social media platform!

Challenge 1

Mini - Challenge:

“Blow our minds” with a series of “deep” thoughts. Are you stoned or stupid? We’ll never know. (2 - 3 minute video)


Main - Challenge:

Observational Comedy / Parody Comedy

Do a Public Service Announcement about the least serious thing you can think of. (3 - 5 minute video)

Registration for this challenge is closed!


Challenge 2

Mini - Challenge:

Runway challenge! Give us your best look based on an iconic political figure. Hillary / Bill Clinton, RBG, etc.


Main Challenge:

Political Comedy

You’re running for President. Show us your ad! What is your stance on the real important issues? How will you defeat Trump? What are your campaign promises? Make us want to vote for you… This should be easy considering literally any of the current alternatives. (No more than 5 minutes, please)


Registration for this challenge is ongoing.

Challenge 3

Mini - Challenge:

This week is all about schadenfreude! Tell us about the dumbest way you’ve ever hurt yourself or someone else. Let us laugh at someone’s pain. (2 - 3 minute video)


Main Challenge:

Physical Comedy

Cooking show gone wrong! There’s a lot of things that can happen to the host of a cooking show… You are hosting your own show (which you must name and design) and on your first episode, it seems a lot of issues arise which all cause you a lot of pain. Get creative!

(Obviously do not do anything to actually put yourself or others in danger.) (No more than 5 minutes, please)

Registration for this challenge is ongoing.


Challenge 4

Mini - Challenge:

Invent something that we just “cannot live without!” (Shown off in Main Challenge)


Main Challenge:

Prop Comedy

QVC challenge! Sell the item you created for the mini challenge. You also must create and sell the “best worst mask.” For example, a mask made from a banana peel or even an unpeeled banana, a mask made from used dirty underwear, etc. (No more than 6 minutes long)

Registration for this challenge is ongoing.


Challenge 5

Mini - Challenge: 

“Hey baby, my love for you is like diarrhea, I just can’t hold it in.” 

Tell us your 3 best pick up lines. 


Main Challenge:

Sexual Comedy

Make a perfume commercial for your new signature scent! You must design and feature the perfume bottle in the commercial along with a description of how it smells. Sell us on your scent and make it sexy. (No more than 5 minutes long)


Registration for this challenge is ongoing.


Challenge 6

Mini - Challenge:

“A blind man walks into a bar… and a table… and a chair.” 

Tell the driest joke you know. DEHYDRATE us.


Main Challenge:

Topical Comedy

Newscast challenge. You’re an anchor delivering the nightly news. The world is ending, everything is insane. Make it funny but keep it serious. Feel free to draw from the plethora of real shit happening in the news currently or you can embellish as much as you’d like.


Registration for this challenge is ongoing.


Challenge 7

Mini - Challenge: 

Know what makes me smile? Face muscles. 

Tell us your best “Anti-Humor” joke you’ve got.


Main Challenge: 

Dark Comedy

Create a 6 minute horror film where you play every character. Yes, we mean an entire horror film from start to finish where you play every character. There are no set guidelines aside from the fact that it should be campy AF. 

Registration for this challenge is ongoing.

What do you win?

Well, we are currently crowd-funding a cash prize on GoFundMe! The goal is to hit $1,000. If the goal is reached, $600 will go to the first place winner, $250 will go to the second place winner, and third place will receive $150! If the goal isn't reached by the time a winner is decided, the prizes will simply be reduced.

All money raised beyond the goal of the GoFundMe will be donated directly to the Black Lives Matter movement!

First place will also receive a prize package from all three of our sponsors, including a makeup care package from Chaotic Cosmetics and BatMe! Cosmetics and a case of Stoli Vodka worth approximately $375!

There will also be a chance to receive prizes from our sponsors as you win various challenges along the way!

Got some cash??

Help fund our GRAND PRIZE via our GoFundMe page!

Meet our sponsors!


Wanna register?

Use the form below or message Camp Quarantine / Annie Manildoo on any social media platform!


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Meet The Judges!

Cissy Walken
Sherry Vine
Jenive Johnson / Jasmine G. String
Ivy Stalls
Pissi Myles
Tom Catt
K.J. Johansen / Joan Slivers
Bella Noche
Yuhua Hamasaki
Mia E'Zlay

More guest judges will be announced shortly! Stay tuned!