Annie Manildoo is your typical working Long Island woman. She's been performing under the name Annie Manildoo since the summer of 2013! She has done many exciting and fun things in her career and has been seen performing throughout Long Island, Albany, Block Island, CT & NYC (She was the first Drag Queen to produce a show in Little Italy, NYC). Annie has also done a bit of political activism. She planned a protest of a bar in Patchogue that made the local news outlets and since then has been honored by the Chamber of Commerce of Patchogue. Annie is also the admin of a Facebook group called "We Deserve Better" which is a group that is meant to unite members of the local community in activism and awareness. Annie is employed with Drag Queen Story Hour and can sometimes be seen reading books and singing songs to children! Annie's performances typically include a strong mix of Broadway standards and campy classics. She's a live singer, MC, bingo host, lip-syncher, balloon twister, a certified food handler in Suffolk County, a graduate of the Bartending Academy of Farmingdale, an amateur fire eater and an ordained minister! She'll do whatever you want if you're paying. Annie is a graduate of Suffolk County Community College in Selden with her Associates in Theatre with an emphasis in acting.